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Make a Reverse Advent Calendar

Fill a box with treats for the Homeless

A reverse advent calendar is where you pick up one item a day to donate to the Homeless and put it in a box.

When your box is ready take it to a food bank or a homeless shelter or drop it off to us and we will hand them all out together at the SHS Xmas dinner for the Homeless

Get the children involved

Collecting a box to donate to the Homeless is a great way to show children and grandchildren that Christmas is a time for giving and not just receiving presents or eating chocolate.

Children could pick which item goes in the box each day and/or they could write or draw the item on the appropriate square of the calendar. They may like to colour the square each day that they put an item in the box, decorate the box itself or include a homemade Christmas card in the box.

Ideas for things that can be put in the reverse calendar box:

Small Soft Drink Bottle / Small Bag of Sugar / Tin of Rice Pudding / Pair of socks / A Pair of Men’s Underwear / Small Jar of Coffee / Packet or Tin of Custard / Deodorant / Toilet Roll / Shower Gel / Tinned Tuna / Biscuits / UHT Milk / Tinned Vegetables / Cooking Sauce / Tinned Tomatoes / Fruit Juice / Gloves / Tin of Meat / Jar of Jam / Wooly Hat / Noodle Pot / Tin of Stew / Shampoo / Pasta sauce / Packet of soup / Rice / Pasta / Noodles / Tea bags / Coffee / Cereal / Tinned Tomatoes / Rice pudding / Chocolate / Christmas Card from you