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Abi Kolliari set out to collect 70 sleeping bags for the homeless


Today I want to introduce you to a lovely lady I happened to come across, who works with Jim Deans and the Sussex Homeless Support and is an inspiration to us all. By sharing her achievements with you all, I hope to give you the motivation and an insight in how much difference one persons hard work can make. 

“I have helped the homeless in many ways over the years,” she explains to me. “This year I decided to assist in starting a local campaign, in Brghton, mainly relying on Facebook and a great app called Nextdoor, to raise a new sleeping bag for every homeless person in our city. ” There are 70, according to Jim Deans, and rising daily.”


70 sleeping bags and many clothing items

“For affordability I also asked for socks, gloves and hats. I co-ordinated  having them all delivered to my house, where Jim arranged collection.”

This is not the first project Abi has co-ordinated for the homeless in Brighton


I have worked for American Express for 25 years and am now employed by M & S. Since COVID19,  I have been self isolating with my mother in a bubble, so have not worked there since March. I hope one day to go back part time. 

At M&S there was a lot of food wastage so I made arrangements with Jim Deans to collect all the unwanted, unused and unsold  food items  a few evenings a week. This scheme took 18 months to set up but has been running sucessfully for about 2 years now!

I honestly do not want a fuss, I love to give and believe if we all show compassion and kindness we can reach out to those who need it the most, we are so very blessed.