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Mira Patel & Shilpa Patel decided to run for RAYS and with an aim of 100km in the month of August asked friends and family to pledge towards each kilometer. We beat our target of running 100 kilometers each during the month of August 2020 and achieved a total of 290km together! 



We may have run far, but your money has gone further. Thank you to each and every one of you who donated.  

Really enjoyed my 5K run this morning. Had a long day at work yesterday and this cleared my fried brain. Ready for any challenge today!

Shilpa on 4th August


I only started running three years ago but soon found it gave me such great pleasures. I find running helps me with my wellbeing, it keeps me fit and it helps me to feel energetic for the rest of the day. I especially love running in the mornings. I have never really used my running for fundraising before. I always said that I hated bothering people by asking for money or sponsorship, but recently my attitude has changed.

 August is my birthday month and to celebrate I have decided to take on this challenge. I am hoping it will encourage me to start exercising again too as I have been very lazy during the lockdown!

Today was a case of mind over matter as it tested my strength and endurance with the inclines , rain , winds and thunder but I did it. Another 10km in the bag.

Mira on 16th August

Went out for my usual August 5K morning run but was inspired by Mira’s 10K yesterday so kept going 

Shilpa on 17th August


I started supporting RAYS as soon as Pinakin and Shilpa set up a page for raising money. I thought it was so amazing how for Pinakin’s 40th he said instead of presents he wanted money to be donated to RAYS. For me this was the beginning of my journey supporting them. I love the whole ethos behind it all and how on their first trip to the orphanage in India they went as a family with the intention that they all had a skill they could share with the children at RAYS. Saran taught them football skills, Tanusha art skills along with her mum and Pinakin had repaired donated laptops that the children could use.

There was not a moment of doubt that I wanted to support my soul sister with this in anyway I could. I grew up in a family where I was taught to help where I can. For me this charity is just so close to my heart and even more so with having kids myself. 

Together we ran 290km – which is the equivalent of running from Brighton to Nottingham!

Total amount raised for RAYS £3120